Bouquet Preservation

Hey there!

Welcome to The Summer Alcove 🙂

You probably found me because you just received a bouquet (yay!) and are looking to preserve it.

Back in 2021, I started The Summer Alcove to help people preserve their beautiful memories by preserving their bouquets. I even got featured on Yahoo! News (read the article here). Unfortunately, after years of crafting, I developed a wrist injury and had to stop.

In other words, I no longer provide Bouquet Preservation Services. 🙁


A lot of people were still messaging me – asking me to help them preserve their bouquet. While I can’t do it for you anymore, I’ve decided to sell DIY supplies, so that you can do it yourself!

I currently sell the silica gel that I used to use to dry bouquets. This is an important step in the preservation process, because drying your flowers with silica gel ensures that it retains the most vibrant colours, as compared to other methods such as air-drying or pressing.

You can shop for the silica gel here:


While I’m unable to help you preserve your bouquets, I hope you’ll try doing it yourself!

I am in the process of listing more DIY materials on the website, and coming up with DIY Kits so you can do it yourself.

Stay tuned, and have fun preserving your flowers!



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